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Working With Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents provide different services in a variety of ways. It is important to know that in some real estate transactions the agent may be working for the seller or the buyer, or the agent could be working with a seller or buyer while acting as an agent of the other party.

The “Working With Real Estate Agents Brochure” is a “disclosure” that addresses the various types of working relationships that may be available to home buyers and sellers, and helps them decide which relationship that may want to have with a real estate agent.

Download a copy here and read it.

How To Buy or Sell A Home

Understand what is happening in the market and market data to better enhance the buy/sell experience.
Get a home price range evaluation based on comparable home sales, estimated repair cost analysis and closing costs related to buying or selling a home.
Understand good seller marketing tools.
Understand real estate fee’s and commission costs and who pays them.
Get Buyer financing if necessary, pre-qualified letter or if paying cash proof of funds.
Understand the necessary contracts/forms required for the home buying and selling process.
Understand “Time is of the Essence.”
Understand the due diligence process and earnest money.
Make or negotiate offers.
Schedule home inspections and property survey if important.
Negotiate home repairs.
Know what to expect when going to the closing of a home.

Put your trust in a real estate broker with contractor-investor experience.

I can help you buy or sell a personal residence, or flip a home for profit.

Contact Sam Calvert at or call 919-870-2999 for a consultation, market data and numbers, and home amenities specific to your needs.